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Skylanders Voodood Figure


Wave: Spyro  Element: Magic

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Ingeniousness, adaptability and cunning are adjectives applied to the Orc Warrior Voodood, a notable defender of the Skylands.

Constantly on the lookout for new tools to supplement his already impressive arsenal, he is the sole remaining survivor of a once legendary tribe of Orc Warriors. Voodood's trademark weapon is the fearsome Axe Reaver, a virtual "Swiss Army Knife" of weaponry. Obtained on one of his many "bone-collecting" excursions, the Axe Reaver is infused not only with magical properties, it can also double (or triple) as a grappling hook, a tripwire, and even as a Zipline for quick escapes, if necessary.

Voodood is also well-trained in the use of electricity to stun and subdue opponents, and his innate super-agility allows him to completely overwhelm the vast majority of his targets.

Voodood is a character from the Magic element and was released as part of the Spyro video game.

Picture of Voodood Box, Spyro

Card of Voodood, Spyro

 Health 290 580
 Speed 35 83
 Armor 12 42
 Critical Hit 30 80
 Elemental Power 25 100

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