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Skylanders Swap Force Wave 2 Summary


On Wednesday another 9 characters were released exclusively at Toys R’ Us. Now, these are not TRU exclusive characters, just released early only at TRU.

Now, we were able to get all 11 of these except for Gill Grunt. They had him, but he was gone by the time I got there (15 minutes after stored opened). I took the last Chop Chop and Star Strike they had. I asked the clerk and they said they didn’t have good stock on this wave for launch, only about 5-7 of each character.

What were you able to score? Let us know down in the comments.

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40 Comments on “Skylanders Swap Force Wave 2 Summary”

  1. Charles Fasano Says:

    I think they do this purposely to get us annoyed. I went to Target to get Nitro Magna Charge only to find out that he is only available in a two pack with either Free Ranger or Rattle Shake (both of which I had as I also got the 3DS version).

  2. Jason Forthofer Says:

    Ya, they definitely do. I got Nitro Manga Charge from Target also, but now I have two Free Rangers.

  3. Charles Fasano Says:

    Now I have 3 Rattle Shakes. LOL. I do like that they got rid of the ownership stuff and that in the 3DS Swap Force game you can store all of your Skylanders and play on the go without needing to bring your collection or the portal with you until you want to update the figures.

    I do wonder what this Quickdraw Rattle Shake the 3DS version talks about as it is not on this site’s list?

  4. Jason Forthofer Says:

    I’m the owner of the site, I’ll that added. I thought Quickdraw Rattle Shake was for Frito-Lay promotion?

  5. Charles Fasano Says:

    It wasn’t in the Swap Force list you had and it seems that the 3DS has the full list of Skylanders. Also you have Enchanted Hoot Loop as a GameStop exclusive but it is a Walmart Exclusive where I am.

  6. Jason Forthofer Says:

    Fixed the Enchanted Hoot Loop and just added the Quick Draw Rattle Shake, thanks for the info.

  7. Charles Fasano Says:

    Thanks, I wanted to contact you about that but I couldn’t find a way to do so.

  8. Chrisco Says:

    I got all of them except star strike . ++++++++++++++++++++++

  9. PTDAWG222 Says:

    I was able to get all 11!!

  10. El Duderino Says:

    I got all 11. For some reason I thought there would be 12, so I’m glad I didn’t miss one!

    TRU might be more than Walmart…except that they’re running a buy 1, get one 40% off, and there’s also a coupon this week for 20% one item. That made going to TRU a no-brainer.

  11. Heather Schafer Says:

    I hope the Toys R Us in Fairlawn, Ohio has Anchors Away Gill Grunt!! I want to get my little buddy tomorrow when my hubby and I go up that way. I guess I will have to do some research on Toys R Us in the area we live in and do some calling! “Fear The Fish!”

  12. Mike Vizza Says:

    All Wave 2 found here in Long Island, NY! One TRU didn’t know what I was talking about, when I mentioned wave 2 characters. Luckily they store their boxes above the shelves in plain site. We found boxes labeled WV2 ending in number 750 and were able to talk the employee into letting us open them. Boxes also said “Do not open in Oct 13” so they must of been sitting there since the launch.

  13. Mike Vizza Says:

    Regular Star Strike seems to be a hard one to get as I’ve seen they only pack one per box of singles. Tons of Riptide though, found in the same box. Happy Hunting!

  14. El Duderino Says:

    There are definitely Gills out there. There were a few at the first one I went to, and when I went to a second store looking for the “12th” one, I saw more. Just keep looking!

  15. El Duderino Says:

    Even better!!

    It’s listed as Ship to Home. That’s not exactly common right now.

  16. Trevor Abell Says:

    I was able to score all of them the day after they hit the stores in Louisville, KY.
    My brother asked me if there is any in game difference between the series 2 released with giants and the equivalent series 3 in swap force. I didn’t think so but don’t really know. Do you?

  17. sheila Says:

    You only have until tomorrow (Sat) at close time at TRU to get the BOGO 40% off deal. I am putting mine on layway to get this deal for my son for Christmas.

  18. sheila Says:

    How come I make a comment and the time is like saying I made a comment 13 hours ago? it is right now Friday at 4:17pm EST in Michigan.

  19. Glen Says:

    I don’t see lightcore smoulderdash on the list for wave 1 or wave 2. I was able to grab it at Costco today.

  20. sheila Says:

    If you go to TRU and they don’t have the newer Weds. release out,make sure you ask them to check their other boxes up in the storage area above the display. We went tonight to TRU and they said they didn’t think they had any others, but one nice young man checked and we were able to get all 11. and I put them on layway!

  21. sheila Says:

    turned up another bunch of Skylanders listings on Amazon France. These seem to be Wave 3 Skylanders, as they do not match with the Wave 2 figures above:

    Whamshell (Lightcore)

    Countdown (Lightcore)

    Dune Bug (Core)

    Rip Tide, Whirlwind, Prism Break (Triple Pack)

    Dune Bug, Cynder, Terrafin (Triple Pack)

    Grimm Creeper, Thornhorn Camo, Ballista (Triple Pack)

    Wind Up, Sheep Wreck Island, Platinum Sheep, Groove Machine (Adventure Pack)

    Spy Rise (Swap Force)

    Rubble Rouser (Swap Force)

    Stink Bomb (Swap Force)

    Cynder (Series 3)

    Prism Break (Series 3)

    Whirlwind (Series 3)

    found this on

  22. Heather Schafer Says:

    Thanks for the info! I appreciate it. Going today to look to see if I can find Gill Grunt! A friend of my husbands said that they saw Gill Grunt at the Toys R Us that they went to this week. So I am keeping my fingers crossed that the little fishy comes home with me today!

  23. RedWolf Says:

    It’s a good forum for discussing Skylanders!

  24. Charles Fasano Says:

    Any idea on when a Sneak Swap Force or an Earth Swap Force figure will be available? Also any word on when the next Adventure and Battle packs are coming?

  25. Amanda Rector Says:

    though these weren’t released in swap force, here are some the website missed. Crystal clear versions of cynder, wham-shell, and stealth elf released in spryo’s adventure. Silver versions of dino-rang, boomer, and eruptor released in spyro’s adventure. Pearl series 2 sonic boom released in giants. Add these please.

  26. Santana Picklesimer Says:

    Can you add silver boomer,clear cinder,silver dino rang,silver eruptor,clear stealth elf and clear whamshell. I have never seen these figures only heard they exist. Maybe they don’t? I rely on this site to confirm my collection. Thanks for the great site!

  27. Santana Picklesimer Says:

    Is there a blizzard jet vac and a pearl/crystal sonic boom?

  28. Jason Forthofer Says:

    We’ll get these added. thanks!

  29. Imani Richards Says:

    I got all these at GameStop last weekend.

  30. ethan Says:

    hoo the freak is ballista

  31. Charles Fasano Says:

    This wave has started appearing in other stores now. I found several of them in Wal-Mart.

    The Quickdraw Rattle Shake contest begins Nov 3, 2013. The codes have started appearing in stores and is only on the Frito-Lay 20 bag packs. They are only giving away 5,664 figures. The website you have to enter the code to see if you won is not online yet.

  32. James Says:

    Couldn’t find another place to post this, so sorry if this is the wrong spot.

    Has anyone else won the Frito Lay Halloween Fright Rider? I entered a code today and got the winner message, filled in my info and all that and got a “your Fright Rider will arrive in 8-10 weeks” message. I didn’t get any email or anything from them indicating I had won. Just wondered if this was normal.

  33. Charles Fasano Says:

    My local GameStop sells these for $10.99. Right now I am only missing 3 Skylanders from Swap Force. Anchors Away Gill Grunt, Rip Tide, and Twin Blade Chop Chop. Can’t wait for an Earth Swap Force character and a Sneak Swap Force Character.

  34. Grantalonous Says:

    A ballista is a extremely large crossbow

  35. Lara Willman Says:

    I got the same thing. Thought it was strange considering their past promos, yo. Have to pay shipping. I just got the Rattle Shake promo bag and the website ddoesn’t work yet…

  36. James Says:

    Called the hotline, they said all of my info is in there and it’s good to go. Looking forward to this one.

  37. Charles Fasano Says:

    I now have every Skylanders figure released from the Swap Force set. Can’t wait for a Sneak Swap Force to come out. I was getting annoyed that I couldn’t do a dual-zone area that needed an Earth Skylander. For some reason I was under the impression that you had to use a “Swap Force” character with the top or bottom part being Earth. Then I read a partial guide to the game and found out that you can use a second controller and 2 regular Skylanders, unless you are playing the 3DS version. In that case you will have to wait for either Rubble Rouser or Doom Stone to be released.

    I had trouble getting Twin Blade Chop Chop until we went to the Cracker Barrel in Milford, CT (I live on Long Island, NY). We always go to the Walmart there when we eat there. They had a HUGE Swap Force display in the clearance section that I almost missed because it was nowhere near electronics. They still had a few Enchanted Hoot Loops left.

  38. DrobotShell Says:

    also add nitro magna charge, the second wave haven’t released here in uk yet except the swap force ones in argos p.s cant wait to get nitro freeze blade from Tesco aka our walmart

  39. skylanders127 Says:

    can you add to this Nitro Freeze Blade to the all character list

  40. Granpopdon Says:

    I did the same thing this time that I did for the release of the other “landers”. I was able to order almost everyone from Sam’s online about 8PM that Saturday night. None of the other websites were allowing orders. Shipping charges were minimal and everything arrived that Tuesday. Worked the same way for the Giants.

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