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New Fluffy Springtime Trigger Happy Exclusive Discovered!


It appears that a chase figure that’s being called Fluffy Springtime Trigger Happy has been discovered. On the Dark Spyro forum a user has identified that a flocked version of the Springtime Trigger Happy figure will be given away as part of a contest at Target stores in Australia. The promotion states that only 25 will be given away!


Now, the url mentioned in the promotion is not yet active so we are unsure in how to enter. One thing is for sure, you must live in Australia. That’s a bummer for many collectors. Note that the promotion specifically says “25 in Australia”, which leads me to believe others will become available for the rest of us.


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Easter Packs – Springtime Trigger Happy, Punk Shock, Fryno Now Available!


Over the last week, we have gotten emails that the new Easter packaged figures of Fryno, Springtime Trigger Happy variant, previously unreleased Punk Shock have been seen in retail stores.

Amazon has some listed at an OK price (less than $15 plus shipping), but they are in limited quantities. We have not seen any in our stores (Atlanta, GA area), but we did purchase them through Amazon. Here are the listings:


Hurry! These won’t last long!

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Silver/Gold Stink Bomb Variant Discovered!


One of our readers here on the blog posted a picture of a new rare variant that he recently discovered of a Silver/Gold variant of the Swap Force character Stink Bomb. And as you can see he found not only one, but TWO! As with the Bronze/Silver Trap Shadow also recently discovered, this seems to be a very rare find. However, maybe not…since he was able to snag two of them at one store.


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8 Skylanders Toys Coming to McDonald’s Happy Meals


For the second straight year, Skylanders will be included in McDonald’s Happy Meals! We have updated our Happy Meals section of the database and you can find the full selection with pictures there.

Here is the official press release from Activision:


For the second consecutive year, Activision Publishing, Inc. and McDonald’s USA LLC are teaming up to infuse a little bit of magic into every Happy Meal across the country with new Skylanders® collectible toys. From March 28-April 24, participating McDonald’s restaurants in the United States and Puerto Rico will launch a new Skylanders Happy Meal featuring one of eight unique toys inspired by Skylanders SWAP Force™.

Participating McDonald’s restaurants across the United States and Puerto Rico will offer customers who purchase a Happy Meal one of eight toys to add to their collections, each with a unique play feature, as well as coupons for $10 off the Skylanders SWAP Force Starter Pack and $1 off a Skylanders character.

The upcoming Happy Meal program includes figurines inspired by such fan-favorite Skylanders SWAP Force characters as Chompy, Eruptor, Free Ranger, Freeze Blade, Magna Charge, Prism Break, Rattle Shake and Wash Buckler, all of which are based on the $2 billion, award-winning video game and action figure toy line that pioneered the toys-to-life genre.

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Trap Shadow Broze/Silver Variant Discovered


Funny, just the other day I was wondering if we could see any gold/silver variants released for Swap Force since none had surfaced yet this late in the release cycle. Well, on eBay Germany a Bronze/Silver Trap Shadow was discovered. The top half of Trap Shadow is a new bronze color and the bottom, the silver color we have seen in the past with other characters. It is listed for €499.

$_57 (1)

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Enchanted Star Strike Now at Walmart


We have received many reports and pictures over the last few days that Enchanted Star Strike is now at Walmart. This variant of Star Strike IS exclusive to Walmart stores so be sure to get to your local store before they are gone. We hit ours up and they had already sold out. However, I do think they will be re-stocking these, as Walmart usually does with their exclusive figures. We do not see them listed at yet.

Thanks to David S. for the pictures!


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Wave 4: Six New Skylanders Found in Stores!


I have had multiple emails come in with pictures from those of you finding four new Swap Force characters at Walmart. In addition, we have found 2 more characters at Toys ‘R Us. The characters that are being found in the newest wave are the following:





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Mega Bloks Lets Us Build Wash Buckler, Magna Charge


Some recent Skylanders releases from Mega Bloks features a buildable Wash Buckler and Magna Charge. The Magna Charge contains 116 pieces and retails for a very reasonabe $9.99. Wash Buckler is slightly larger at 134 pieces and also retails for $9.99.

As part of The Brick Show, I was able to put these together and have reviewed them myself:


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Name A Character From Skylanders 4 Video Game, Pictures + Details!


This is the first time we have gotten images from Activision regarding Skylanders 4! They sent them to us via a press release about naming one of the characters for the next Skylanders game through a Frito-Lay promotion. You can read that full press release below. Here are the pictures of the 3 characters sent along with the release.


Marks First Time Fans Are Given Opportunity to Create Skylanders Game Content;
Winning Consumer Receives $100,000 Scholarship 

PLANO, Texas (February 25, 2014) – PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay North America division and Activision Publishing, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, Inc. (NASDAQ: ATVI), today announced a promotion that brings fans the ultimate way to get involved in the award-winning Skylanders® franchise. For the first time ever, Frito-Lay and Activision are providing fans with the unique opportunity to choose and name a new hero that will appear in the next Skylanders game slated for release in 2014. In addition to naming honors, the winner will receive a $100,000 scholarship. For more details and official rules, visit

“This is the third consecutive year Frito-Lay has partnered with Activision to bring fans a whole new way to experience Skylanders, while bringing added fun to the snack aisle,” said Ram Krishnan, vice president of marketing, Frito-Lay. “This time around, we’re taking our collaboration to a new level. We can’t wait to see all the creative names families come up with.”

Between now and March 21, 2014, fans 18 years and older can visit to select one of three potential heroes they want to see come to life in the next Skylanders game.  Once their Skylanders selection is made, contestants then submit a suggested name and a 200-character or less inspiration for the name they chose.

In May, one fan-created name for each of the three potential heroes will be selected by a panel of judges from Activision and Frito-Lay, and announced as finalists. Fans 13 years and older will be invited to vote online for the hero they want to see debuted in the next Skylanders game. Later this year, the winning hero will be revealed and the fan behind the creation of the hero’s name will be awarded a $100,000 scholarship. The winning name submission will also become the official name for that Skylanders hero and will appear in a variety of places such as on Skylanders packaging and even in the Skylanders game.

To celebrate the promotion, specially marked Frito-Lay variety packs, available for purchase while supplies last at participating retail stores nationwide, will include coupons for select Skylanders products and details on the entry and voting phases of the promotion. This spring, variety packs will include a $5 off coupon for a Skylanders SWAP Force™ Starter Pack.

Frito-Lay Classic Mix and Flavor Mix 20-count variety packs contain America’s favorite snacks in convenient one-ounce servings: including Lay’s potato chips, SunChips multigrain snacks, Doritos tortilla chips, Cheetos cheese flavored snacks and Fritos corn chips. To unleash excitement at snack time, Frito-Lay and Skylanders join forces to help families create fun and special family moments.

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Enchanted Star Strike Appears in Canada at Walmart!


Enchanted Star Strike has been spotted for sale in a Walmart in Canada! The owner of Skylanders Home blog first saw Star Strike in his local Walmart.

enchanted star strike


Now, I have not yet seen this here in the US yet. In their blog they say that they think they are exclusive to Walmart but the picture was not taken high enough to see that exclusive seal that is usually on boxes in such cases (Ex. Glow-in-Dark Sonic Boom).




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