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Skylanders 5 to Feature Kart Racing…Skylanders Superchargers


Finally!!! We are finally getting a little information regarding the next chapter in the Skylanders franchise. Over the weekend, competitive racer Travis Pastrana slipped up on his Instagram account with the following message:


The message was quickly deleted but not before some fans caught on to the leak. So, assuming this is true, the next game will be called Skylanders: Superchargers. In years past, we would have long had information regarding the next game in the Skylanders franchise. This is the first we’ve heard of what is coming next.

Early speculation is that this will be something close to Mario Kart….except for all consoles!

What do you all think? Does this excite you?

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Valentine’s Day and Spring Character Variants!


While away at the NY Toy Fair we did not have the chance to write about the new Valentine’s Day themed Skylander…Love Potion Pop Fizz, which is now available to purchase on Amazon.

Last year Activision released an Easter/Spring themed Skylander, Springtime Trigger Happy. To follow up on that this year they are releasing two mini Spring/Easter themed variants:

Power Punch Pet-Vac


Eggsellent Weeruptor



There is no information yet as to where you’ll be able to pick these up or release dates, but we’ll keep our ears open. In addition, a new Easter-themed trap, the Easter Bunny Earth Trap will be released along with the mentioned characters.

Lastly, in regards to the NY Toy Fair, Activision was apparently there, but we never found them. In the past, the Activision booth could not be missed. So, they played it very low key, no further details on Skylanders 5 (yes, there will be one!) and no exclusive NYTF figure.




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Two New Elements, 4 New Characters Introduced


4 New Characters

Two new elements have officially been introduced today for the Skylanders franchise. Dark and Light elements have been added bringing the total elements to ten. With this roll-out we saw 2 Dark element characters (Blackout, Knight Mare) and 2 Light element characters (Knight Light, Spotlight) released. Knight Light and Knight Mare are both Trap Masters.

knight-light spotlight

blackout knight-mare

2 New Traps

In addition, 2 new traps were also introduced for each of these new elements:


The official press release says these will be available at Toys ‘R Us on December 21st for $29.99. Soon after, all major retailers will carry the new packs. Each of the expansion packs will contain a Trap Master, Trap in which to capture dark + light villains and a location piece to unlock hidden levels in the game.



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Winterfest Lob-Star Now on Amazon


If you were looking to add some Christmas spirit to your Skylanders collection, the Winterfest Lob-Star is now on Amazon to purchase.


The Winterfest Lob-Star is now the second Holiday-styled Skylander, with the first being Jolly Bumble Blast, released last year.

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Wave 2 Skylanders Now Available at GameStop!


It didn’t take long for Activision to push out wave 2 for Skylanders: Trap Team! We have seen all the characters selling at our local TRU and GameStop has them available to purchase online!

Wave 2 Releases

In addition, some are reporting that the Mirror of Mystery Adventure Pack (which includes Deja Vu), is also appearing at TRU. We did not see it, but some reports confirm they are there.


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Everything Currently Available for Skylanders Trap Team!


It is here! Today is the official launch of Skylanders: Trap Team, the 4th release in the Skylanders franchise.

For your reference, you can find our lists for all the Skylanders Trap Team characters, list of traps and then also every Skylanders figure ever released. Don’t forget to login and add all your new Skylanders to your collection!

This is a guide to let you know exactly what is currently available to purchase. Below you will find links to each of these products on Amazon, unless they are store exclusives.

Starter Packs

Single Packs

Triple Packs

Adventure Packs

Trap Packs

Minis – 2 Packs

In addition there are single packs Earth, Magic, Water, Undead and Fire Trap Packs.

Go get ‘em! Let us know if we missed anything in the comments and we’ll get it added.

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Pre-Order the Trap Triple Packs!


With the launch of Skylanders: Trap Team just days away, now is a great time to make sure you have all your traps in order. We have created a page dedicated to a list of all traps available for your to play and capture villains. In addition, you can find a list of all the Trap Masters.

Lastly, you can now pre-order the two Trap Team Triple packs for $15.99 each. If you order both, then you will get Free Shipping through Amazon!

Pre-Order the Air, Undead and Fire Triple Trap Pack! This pack includes these 3 traps:

Pre-Order the Tech, Magic and Earth Triple Trap Pack! This pack includes these 3 traps:


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Legendary Adventure Pack Brings Blades…Legendary Jawbreaker Also Coming


Details regarding a few of the exclusive Legendary figures we can expect from Toys ‘R Us has surfaced. Portal masters be on the lookout for a Legendary Nightmare Express Adventure Pack which will include Legendary Blades.


In addition, Legendary Jawbreaker will also be coming to TRU, most likely in a single pack.

The full list of Trap Team Skylanders continues to fill in, let us know if you discovery more!

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Skylanders MINIs + 8 More New Skylanders!


Recently, Activision announced Skylanders Minis which are essentially re-releases of the Frito-Lay Sidekicks…sort of. The new Minis will be playable, unlike the Sidekicks which really just tagged along with you while playing another character. In short, the MINIs will fight! Their are a total of 16, 8 of which are sidekicks already released, but with Trap Team bases. The full collection of 16 have been added to the database for you to login and add to your collections. They are as follows:

In addition, a poster revealing many more new Skylanders and villians also has surfaced. You can view the poster below. We now have all of the Trap Masters in our database as well as four more core characters. The four new Trap Masters are:

And the four new core characters are:




View the full collection of Trap Team Skylanders characters.

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New Characters, Better Images for Trap Team Skylanders Emerge at Gamescom


Better images of some new and existing Trap Team Skylanders emerged at Gamescom 2014. They include the following:

tidal wave gill grunthead rush skylanders

bushwack skylanderskaboom skylanders

FYI – The Skylanders Minis were also announced at Gamescom, we are working at getting those added to the database and will do a post once that is complete.

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