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Playmation Releases Hulk Hands! Gamma Ray Starter Pack


Over the weekend Playmation released the Gamma Gear Starter Pack. The Loki figure is included in this pack, so that is a big draw if your just starting out with this line. This normally retails for $119.99, but Amazon is currently selling it for 44% off, so it’s worth a look.

playmation gamma gear starter pack


Here is a video from the official Playmation YouTube channel so you can learn more about the Hulk Hands!

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LEGO Dimensions Packs and Release Dates Added to Database


Last week we added all of the LEGO Dimensions characters, and today finished up on adding the LEGO Dimensions packs and release dates for those packs.


Posted in LEGO Dimensions

Gold MEGA MAN Amiibo Coming, Release Date!


A gold MEGA MAN amiibo variant is coming to North America. Ya, seems that is will not be available in Europe. The gold Mega Man amiibo will come in the 3DS version of the Mega Man Legacy Collection. Release date is February 23, 2016.

Mega Man Legacy Collection with Gold Mega Man Amiibo

Posted in Amiibo

Amazon Exclusive Chibi-Robo Amiibo Singe Pack on Sale Today!


I received notification from Amazon this morning that the Chibi-Robo amiibo figure will be available today as a single pack. It will be sold today at 2pm PT.

You’ll see in the message I received that they have a good supply, but do expect to sell out. Quantities are limited to 2 per customer and 1-click ordering will be enabled.



Get your order in today before it sells out to add to your other Amiibo characters.




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8 Impressive X-Men Disney Infinity Renderings You Wish Were Real


Artist Hector Moran has put some impressive renderings up of X-Men characters in Disney Infinity form. These are not actual characters from DI, just works of art. You’ll wish they were real after looking through them.










Which one is your favorite? Comment below!



Posted in Art, Disney Infinity

3 New Eon Elite Skylanders Coming November 29th


November 29th is the official release for 3 new Eon’s Elite Skylanders! Elite figures for Boomer, Dino-Rang and Ghost Roaster will hit Toys ‘R Us stores first on 11/29 for $19.99.


Posted in News, Rare Skylanders

Missle-Tow Dive Clops Confirmed + Release Date


Activision confirmed Missle-Tow Dive Clops today, which will be the special edition holiday character for this year!

Missle-Tow Dive Clops Skylander


Release date for Missile-Tow Dive Clops will be late November for Europe and then first on December 2nd in the US (GameStop) and Canada (EB Games).

He now joins Winterfest Lob-Star and Jolly Bumble Blast as holiday exclusive Skylanders.

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Alert! Disney Infinity Crystal Figures $1 on TRU


Got to this one a little late, but their are still a few of the Disney Infinity crystal characters still left for $1 on Toys R Us. Go! Go! Go! This is a TODAY ONLY deal.


Posted in Disney Infinity

Amiibo Animal Crossing Characters Now Available on Amazon!


Earlier today we launched our Amiibo characters list and promised to also cover any news related to Amiibo. So, we thought it was worth mentioning that some of the Animal Crossing Amiibo characters we released on November 13th and are now available to purchase on Amazon.

The items you will see at retail price is Tom Nook, Mabel, Animal Crossing Festive Bundle (with Isabelle and Digby) and the Animal Crossing series 3-Pack. The 3-pack includes figures of Reese, Cyrus and K.K.


New Animal Crossing Characters Discovered!

There was also some leaked images of three more characters to be added to the Animal Crossing series. Click thru to see the pictures of Kapp’n, Rover and a Target exclusive 2-pack for Timmy and Tommy Nook.



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Nintendo Amiibo Characters Added to Database


As we wrote about in this post, we have been working diligently to get more added to our expanding database. Today, we added pages for the list of Amiibo characters and their release dates. With this addition, we will also now be covering any related Amiibo news. We understand that our list is not complete. We plan to have the full selection of Amiibo characters up by the end of the week.



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